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This site cannot accept reports of abuse or neglect of elders or dependent adults. To make a report, please call the 24 hour reporting line at 1-800-336-4316

Understanding the Adult Protective Services (APS) Program

The Stanislaus County APS program investigates reports of abuse, neglect and exploitation of elders* and dependent adults**. Social workers provide services that are focused on stopping the abuse and then helping the individual to develop a plan to remain in a safe environment. All services are voluntary and confidential. Types of abuse include: physical, sexual, abandonment, abduction, isolation, financial and neglect, by self or others.

APS Services Available

  • Investigation and evaluation of reports of abuse and neglect
  • 24/7 hotline for reporting abuse
  • In person response to crisis situations.
  • Short term case management
  • Tangible items to support the case plan
  • Coordination of services with other agencies
  • Information and education about legal reporting requirements

Links to Other APS Services and Resources

Links to State APS Reporting Forms (complete online, print, and fax to 1-209-558-2681).

  • SOC 341 - Confidential Report - Not Subject To Public Disclosure - Report Of Suspected Dependent Adult/Elder Abuse
  • SOC 342 (12/06) - Report Of Suspected Dependent Adult/Elder Financial Abuse - For Use By Financial Insitutions
  • Questions & Answers

    Q:  I think that the person I am calling about needs help, but that person doesn't want to accept help. What can I do?

    A:  Unless s/he has been conserved, adults have the right to make decisions for themselves. However, skilled social workers will be talking with the individual about the concerns brought up in your report. The social workers help the individual look at the issues and will encourage them to take steps toward their own safety and well being.

    Q:  Do I have to have proof that the abuse occurred?

    A:  No, you may report what you know or suspect may be happening. Trained social workers will conduct a private interview with the individual that you are concerned about.

    Q: Who has jurisdiction if I suspect abuse in a licensed care facility?

    A: The Ombudsman, not APS, has jurisdiction to investigate abuse reports of those residing in a board and care facility or a skilled nursing facility. To make a report to the Ombudsman, call (209) 529-3784

    To make an APS report call 558-2637 or 1-800-336-4316.  This line is available 24/7 and you will be talking with a social worker.

    Any person who suspects abuse may make a report. The names of reporting parties always remain confidential. This is required by law.

    *elders are those individuals who are 65 years or older.
    **dependent adults are those individuals between 18 – 64 years and have physical or mental limitations which restricts their ability to carry out normal activities or to protect his or her rights.

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