Other Programs

The Stanislaus County Community Service Agency has a range of programs available for the adult population. We provide a safety net for financial assistance to the disabled population not yet eligible for SSI, assistance in applying to SSI, and access to a program that aids non-citizens who would be otherwise eligible for SSI.

SSI Advocacy

The SSI Advocacy Program assists Disabled General Assistance recipients. You must be referred to this program by your General Assistance Eligibility Worker.

The SSI Advocate provides assistance in:

  1. Completing claims.
  2. Making referrals to agencies and programs.
  3. Transportation to consultative examinations.
  4. Prepare and present written material for hearings, etc.

The SSI Advocacy program is a safety net which serves as a client advocate and also to recoup reimbursements through social security administration for G.A. benefits paid to recipients who have been awarded SSI. You must be referred to this program either by your General Assistance Eligibility Worker or through the County Health Services Program.