Resource Family Approval

resource family approval

The Resource Family Approval Program is a state program implemented by Stanislaus County Community Services Agency to oversee resource families who are approved to provide care and supervision for children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Resource Family Approval Program is a unified, family friendly, and child-centered approval process for anyone wanting to care for children in foster care. This replaces the existing multiple processes for foster homes, relatives and non-relative extended family members. Once a Resource Family has been approved, the family is able to provide placement, legal guardianship, or adoption for children, youth, and young adults (non-minor dependents from 18-21 years of age) who are under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court, or otherwise in the care of a county child welfare agency or probation department.

RFA Information Line: (209) 558-2110

Recruiter / Trainer Nancy Griggs (209) 558-1146

To sign up for Orientation or if you have any questions please contact Recruiter/Trainer Nancy Griggs (209) 558-1146.

A Resource Family is an individual, couple, or a family who wants to provide care to a related or unrelated child(ren) who is under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court, or otherwise in the care of a county child welfare agency or probation department. Resource Families provide 24-hour care for children, youth, and young adults. Resource Families provide transportation for child's medical and parental visits. Resource Families agree to a non-physical discipline policy as well as understand and adhere to foster children's personal rights.

Requirements and Qualifications

  1. An applicant shall be at least 18 years of age.
  2. An applicant shall be in good physical and mental health.
  3. Resident of Stanislaus County if not a relative or non-related extended family member (NREFM)

RFA Application Process

  • Attend Orientation
  • Complete Application
  • Provide Verifications
  • Complete Background Check
    • Applicant(s) and each adult residing in ore regularly present in the home must consent to a background check
  • Complete Training
    • 12 hours of Pre-Approval classes
    • CPR / First Aid Certification
  • Participate in a Family Assessment
    • Each applicant must complete at least two face-to-face interviews in the home
    • All other persons in the home, both adults and children, must complete at least one face-to-face interview.
  • Complete a Home Environment Assessment for safety

Approval as a RFA Family does not guarantee placement of a child.

Continued Approval

  • Attend 8 hours of post-approval training per year
  • Participate in biennial and any other required approval updates
  • Maintain current CPR/First Aid certification
  • Notify the RFA Social Worker of any changes in the household

Pre-Approval Trainings

Monday & Wednesday from 6 pm - 9 pm
Saturdays from 9 am - 4 pm

Held at
Community Services Agency
251 East Hackett Road, Modesto, California 95358

Information on specific training dates and how to register are provided at Orientation.

Recruiter / Trainer Nancy Griggs (209) 558-1146

Childcare is not provided during the meetings and due to the sensitive material that is presented, we ask that you do not bring children.

Post-Approval Trainings

It is the responsibility of the Resource Family to maintain a record of their required eight (8) hours of annual trainings. Additionally, Resource Parents must maintain current CPR / First Aid certification.

Post-Approval trainings are offered in the community through the Family Kinship Care Education (FKCE) Program.