Children's Services


The Child & Family Services Division's mission is to serve children and families in our community in accordance with the following guiding principles:

Safety: To prevent abuse and neglect of children and to keep all members of families safe from violence and together whenever possible.

Self Determination: To empower families by inviting and encouraging them to be partners in all aspects of decision making regarding their own children and families.

Strengths: Deliver services in a manner that is culturally competent and strengths based, drawing on the wisdom and expertise of the family, neighborhood and community.

Stability: To reunify families as quickly as possible and provide permanency for children when reunification does not occur.

Self Reflection: To be a learning organization focused on critical reflection, continuous improvement and thoughtful use of outcome measures.

Success: To assist families to become self sufficient, able to access needed resources and to be contributing members of their neighborhoods and communities.

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All CWS services to families depend on partnerships with community providers such as:

Sierra Vista Children's Center, Public Health, Catholic Charities, Mental Health, Juvenile and Adult Probation, Parole, Interfaith Ministries, Salvation Army, The Haven, Housing Authority, Children's Crisis Center, Westside Community Alliance, California Children Services, Parent Resource Center, Friends Outside, King Kennedy Center, Center for Human Services, Hutton House, Aspiranet, Parents Unified, Hughson FRC, Family Justice Center, Nirvana Valley Recovery Center, and Last Resort.

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Professionals, who in the course of their work, come in contact with families and children (medical practitioners, non-medical practitioners, daycare providers, probation officers, social workers, etc.) MUST report to a "child protective agency" (Police, Sheriff, Probation, Child & Family Services). All other citizens MAY report. (Penal Code Section 111165):

  • physical abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • severe or general neglect
  • willful cruelty or unjustifiable punishment
  • unjustifiable mental suffering
  • any of the above in out-of-home care

A phone report must be made immediately upon suspicion or knowledge. A written report is required within 36 hours.

Reporting forms can be requested by calling the C.P.S. 24-hour phone line:

209-558-3665 or 1-800-558-3665